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All for internal- and external honing. From couple of millimeters to over meter.

Balancing machines and equipment, soft- and hardbearing for horizontal and vertical. Also calibrations for old machines.

Machines for washing and glassbeeding. Spare parts and media.

Products for industry (in Finnish)

Engine rebuilders

We have standard and special-tools.

In over 30 years, different options have been selected as well as general tools as mark related precision tools.

Overall everything for engine rebuilding, but quality in mind, globally selected, top-developed machines, equipment and spareparts.

Products for engine rebuilding (in Finnish)

About us

We import all kind of tools, machines and outfit from reamers to surfacegrinders. In stock, we have over 2 500 different items. With our long experience and wide net of suppliers, we can supply our customer also different, even customized, machines.

We service what we sell and have most spareparts in stock.

Give us a call, if you need more info, need a quotation or want to invite us for demonstration at your facilities.

Sure, we talk a bit of English!

We have:

  • Machines, tools and equipment for industry workshops and engine rebuilders.
  • Over 30 years of experience and wide collection of co-operators.
  • Everything for: Honing, Balancing and Crackdetector and Repair equipment.
  • Valveseat-, valve-, valveguide-reconditioning machines and equipment.
  • Blasting-, Ultrasound and Highpressure/warm detergent-cabinets.
  • Different sizes and types of washingmachines and outfit.

Our brands